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490 Series hose and fittings use a simple tapered style fitting which can be easy to assemble, with the right tools and preparation. Here are a few tips and instructions below for correct installation.

Tools Required:

  • 100 Series Cutters
  • Tapered Mandrel
  • Lubricant
  • Vice
  • Vice Jaws
  • Open End Spanner

Step 1: Cut the hose square with our 432-12 cutting tool. Other acceptable methods include a fine tooth hacksaw or cut-off blades. Make sure any reside is removed after cutting.

Step 2: Ensure the hose is round and then put the socket in the vice jaws and secure the vice. Insert the hose and screw anti-clockwise (left) until it bottoms out. Now turn the hose clockwise(right) quarter to half a turn to allow for hose expansion.

Step 3: Lubricate the threads of the socket and the hose end nipple and threads liberally. Use a heavy weight engine oil or Speedflow’s assembly lube. This will ensure friction is reduced during assembly and helps prevent galling of the aluminium.

Step 4: Take the assembly out of the vice, replace with the mandrel and lubricate. Insert the tapered mandrel into the hose, this will ensure the hose is round and allow the hose end to start easier when the nipple is inserted.

Step 5: Tighten the socket in the vice, remove the mandrel and insert the hose end nipple and start the threads in a clockwise (right) motion. Select the correct sized spanner for your job, and continue to tighten the assembly until approx. a 1mm gap is left between the hose the socket and hose end.

Step 6: Your completed hose is now ready to be installed on your vehicle, it is advised to clean, inspect and pressure test the assembly before using.

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