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Aluminium, Steel & Plastic Adapters

Fuel Pump, Power Steer & Oil Flare Adapters

We manufacture a full range of adapters to suit standard fuel pumps, filters, transmission adapters, power steering pumps and racks along with other specialised adapters to suit a wide variety of automotive applications.

Aluminium Banjo’s, Bolts & EFI Adapters

Aluminium Banjo’s, Bolts & EFI Adapters We manufacture a full range of Banjo Bolts to suit our 14.5mm eye Banjo’s. Common uses include fuel pumps, filters and carburettors, EFI & power steering. We also have OEM fuel rail, tank or fuel line to a AN/JIC adapters.

Carburettor Adapters

We have redesigned these adapters to suit a wider variety of carburettors including Holley, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology plus other carburettors. The new Speedflow design will eliminate clearance issues that some carburettors encounter with certain styles of adapters!

Metric Adapters

Metric adapters are some of the most common in todays modern performance hose & fitting industry. We have the largest range and are always expanding to incorporate new fittings for new technology available on the market. Check out the range below!

BSPP Adapters

British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) is commonly found in older English vehicles in Engine Blocks, Oil Pumps, Fuel Filters and Oil Filter Adapters.

Male AN/JIC Adapters

If you need to join, tee, extend, reduce or expand a fitting, we have the below range to compliment every job!

Bulkhead Fittings & Accessories

Bulkhead fittings are versatile and handy fittings when you want to pass through a fire wall, tank, panel, fuel cell or a vehicle bulkhead. Basically a bulkhead fitting seals off an area with the use of the jam nut. There is no need for grommets and passing long lengths of hose through the vehicle. A real time saver!

Reducers, Expanders, Extensions, Plugs & Caps

Speedflow manufactures a comprehensive range of flare reducers, expanders and extensions. We are also extending our range of plugs and caps to include metric to complement our popular imperial sizes.

Tube Adapters, Nuts & Sleeves

Speedflow manufacture compression style tube adapters along with tube nuts & sleeves to convert standard steel or aluminium tube to AN fittings. The tube adapters use a compression olive to seal, whereas the tube nut & sleeve requires the tube to be flared using a 37° flaring tool.

NPT Adapters

We have a large selection of NPT to male flare adapters in Straight, 45° and 90°. Speedflow fittings are beautifully made in a high flow billet one piece design.

O-Ring Port Adapters

We manufacture a full range of O-Ring Port Adapters often found in Dry Sump Pumps, Fuel Rails, Regulators, Fuel Pumps and Filters.

Check Valves, Blower Relief & Turbo Adapters

Speedflow has been manufacturing quality valves for over 25 years which have evolved into the quality parts we now have available. Our redesigned one way poppet valves have been proven to be very popular in every aspect of the performance industry!

Aluminium Ball Valves

We have manufactured our own range of aluminium ball valves, these are lightweight, beautifully machined and anodised. Available in two body sizes and four dash sizes with a host of accessory adapters soon to be sold as separate items.