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Crimp Equipment

Crimp Equipment

To assemble our 550 Series hose ends, the assembly needs to be crimped to our sized specification. We offer an in house crimping service via our distributor network or you can purchase a crimping machine and corresponding dies to suit each size.

The 550 Series Hose Crimpers are the “go anywhere” crimpers with the power and portability to quickly crimp the Speedflow 550 Series assemblies.

The micrometer style adjustment of the crimper allows the hose and fitting combinations to be crimped to exact specifications without the need for special shims or spacers.

The Stand Alone Hose Crimper offers the ultimate in portability, and utilises a separate pneumatic pump which requires a constant supply of 80psi.

Dies to suit hose sizes are sold separately so that you can purchase the ones you require.

Crimping Machine
Part #Style
550-500 Stand Alone - Pneumatic Pump
Crimping Dies
Part #SizeMin Dia.
550-502 -2 Die Set 7mm
550-503 -3 Die Set 8mm
550-504 -4 Die Set 10mm
550-506 -6 Die Set 14mm
550-508 -8 Die Set 16mm
550-510 -10 Die Set 22mm
550-512 -12 Die Set 25mm
550-516 -16 Die Set 31mm

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