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Welcome to SpeedFlow.EU

SpeedFlow.EU is the On-Line shop run by SpeedFlow distributor TECNO2

SpeedFlow Products

Speedflow Products has been proudly manufacturing and supplying quality hose & fittings to the performance industry throughout Australia and the World since 1983. Located in Taree NSW, Speedflow has grown to be Australia’s number one choice in performance hose & fittings, due to our innovative design, manufacturing and quality control. This is thanks to our skilled staff and the ability to control every aspect of manufacturing, from machining, polishing, anodising, to assembly and packaging. Now, in a new era with new leadership we are expanding our machining capabilities with our in house built CNC Lathes and Mills to further improve our quality, reliability and efficiencies.

We have moved our distribution to a new building with more space to hold more stock including our entire range being available in Black. We also offer a comprehensive Custom Anodising Program utilising our standard colour range and all parts are now bar coded and labelled as part of our packaging process.

A host of future improvements are planned to expand our range to accommodate the latest trends and initiatives to make Speedflow a world leader in the performance hose & fitting market!

At Speedflow, we strive for perfection in manufacturing to make the product superior to all others!

About SpeedFlow Products company

Speedflow Products was founded in 1983 to manufacture premium quality performance hose fittings in Australia for the motorsport and automotive industry.

From our Taree, NSW factory, Speedflow have now been supplying products to the motorsport industry throughout Australia and the world with stockiest in: England, France, Italy, the Middle East, New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA!

Speedflow has invested in the latest technology with some of the most sophisticated CNC machinery including manufacturing CNC lathes of our own design specifically suited to producing top quality products. We now have in excess of 25 CNC machines as well as cutting edge anodising equipment, polishing machines and a host of other ancillary equipment required to manufacture the best quality fittings available!

We produce innovative, high quality products that are unique due to the one piece formed bends with a smooth radial flow that are stronger and more compact than any other on the market today!

These robust full flow fittings are not made the conventional way by brazing but are bent in specialised equipment to produce a compact solid one piece bend, which are as low and strong as a forged fitting but with the advantage of a swept full flow bend.

All other components are made from billet material, we use no castings or forging which means there are no hidden flaws and an appealing billet finish is achieved with superior physical shape.

All aspects of manufacturing, from machining to packaging are done from our factory to provide absolute control of every product through every process. Our skilled staff are an important asset to us, all of whom are local residents, some with 30 plus years of service!

We anodise all of our own products using a specialised hard coat anodising system for extra hard wearing properties and we are able to apply a decorative colour. All other companies will use a bright dip process which does not give the protection like our hard coat system. We also provide custom anodising for any part in our range and now include our Black Series as a standard colour option.

Speedflow’s steel range of fittings are plated with the Electroless Nickel Process, which offers a highly durable uniform coating providing a bright finish, high degree of corrosion resistance and a degree of lubricity to reduce galling problems associated with stainless steel.

Our new 400m2 sales & distribution centre is now completed, with dedicated storage for all our completed fittings, our entire hose stocks and raw aluminium stocks. This has allowed us to separate our sales and production offices to further improve efficiencies.

Speedflow has certainly delivered on our original goal to produce and supply the best quality products to the Australian market. With our ongoing research and development in the demanding high pressure motorsport environment and our continual growth of new products, Speedflow will continue to manufacture, supply and support the performance industry well into the future!

Innovative Engeneering

Speedflow have 30 plus years of research and development and have state of the art machinery to produce the worlds most compact and strongest hose ends and adapters. Our bends are as low and strong as forged fittings but with the advantage of a swept full flow bend.

Speedflow fittings are made from marine quality 6061 billet aluminium for strength, quality of finish, superior corrosion and fatigue resistance.

Custom Anodizing

Speedflow have an in house anodising program, and we have recently expanded our facility to give us more flexibility and capacity. We have also expanded our colour range, now with the ability to custom anodise your fittings in a variety of common colours. We have available now, Purple, Violet, Green and Gold. Other colours are available by special order, so for more information please contact your local supplier or distributor. A surcharge applies to custom anodising jobs.