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One of the most commonly asked questions - how to assemble braided hose and fittings! Here are some simple steps to ensure you correctly assemble Speedflow fittings to 100 & 120 Series Hose.

Tools Required:

  • 100 Series Cutters
  • Tape
  • Vice
  • Vice Jaws
  • Lubricant
  • Open End Spanner

Step 1: Select the correct size hose for the fittings and measure the length. This can be easily cut using Speedflow’s 100 Series cutters. Other acceptable means of cutting are: Fine tooth hacksaws, cut-off blades. Wrap the hose with tape and make sure the cut is square and any residue is trimmed and cleaned.

Step 2: Remove tape from the cut hose, remove the socket from the hose end and secure in a vice with Speedflow vice jaws. Insert the hose into the socket with a twisting pushing motion until the hose is just short of the socket threads.

Step 3: Take the socket and hose from the vice, install the hose end into the vice jaws and liberally coat the threads and centre nipple. Insert the hose on the centre nipple and engage the threads of the socket to the hose end - be careful not to cross thread! Hand tighten as far as possible.

Step 4: Using a correctly sized spanner, complete tightening until there is a gap between the socket and hose end is approx 1mm. Align the flats for a professional looking finish. Remove from the vice and repeat the process to complete the assembly.

Step 5: Inspect, clean and pressure test the hose, and you are now ready to install the assembly on your ride!