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Weld On's, Spares & Components

Weld on Fittings, Male, Female & Special Purpose

We have assembled a huge range of weld on fittings to make the job of fabricating a tank, radiator or your speciality job a breeze. When you are fabricating you don’t have the time to search for the right part, that is why we have this complete range available right off the shelf!

Weld on Necks and Caps

We have manufactured more weld necks in steel and stainless to suit our aluminium caps. If you are fabricating a tank, we have a cap to suit!

Washers & O-Rings

A comprehensive range of aluminium crush washers to suit our range of adapters, always replace sealing washers when servicing fittings. We have replacement Nitrile (NBR) O-Rings to suit our O-Ring Port Adapters, Plugs and other AN sized fittings.

Hose End Replacement Parts

Speedflow has 100 Series sockets, centre nipples and 400 Series collars available as spare parts. Great for damaged parts or custom coloured items!

460 series Replacement Parts

Speedflow has replacements spares and parts available for our weld on necks and cap range. We offer the caps in custom colours too!